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I am Sabine, doll maker, teacher and mother of two wonderful adult children. Together with my husband I live in the utmost tip of Germany, just by the border to Denmark.

SabeneI’ve got a degree in curative pedagogy and work with children who are suffering from dyslexia.

I love making pretty things with my hands and especially enjoy working with natural fibers such as wool, cotton and linen. Pretty fabric and colorful yarn always make me feel very happy.

I began doll making while in University as a delightful side income, but I became quickly addicted to this craft. Watching these litte creatures develop from such simpe ingredients as wool and fabric is an exciting process and cloth dolls are such  a wonderful and healthy alternative to mass produced  toys made of plastic and synthetics.

In 2007 I started to sell my dolls online and I really love to create unique little friends for children around the world.

You can see my work in my Shop Rapunzel’s Garden, stop by and say hi!

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