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Lise Spence-Parsons is the owner and designer of Lottie’s Trinkets, a jewelry design business that was founded in 2005. She comes from an artistic family on her paternal side and was born in London, UK in the Swinging Sixties to an English father and a Swedish mother. Lise has one sister, Bella, who resides in London and is a part time photographer.

Lise runs her business as a full time venture from her home studio in Maple Grove, MN.  She dreams of one day having a “real shop” with a backroom studio and front retail area.  She lives with her husband, Andy, in Maple Grove after re-locating to America in 2001 from the UK for work reasons.  It is their intent to remain in the US.

Lise likes to call herself an “Art Jewelry Designer” she says; “I work hard at developing my ideas and try to push boundaries just a little. I generally stick to necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I enjoy using all sorts of materials in my work and really enjoy recycling old antique and vintage beads and findings and make something new for someone to enjoy.” She describes her style as “European” and states “You can take the girl out of London, but you can’t take London out of the girl.” She adds, “I would say I am eclectic and experimental with style and color combinations. To me it’s all about form, function and design. Each piece I design must be balanced in all aspects before it goes out for general review and sale.”  She is a perfectionist and agonizes over most designs, even though each one is made only once, it must be right!

Lise’s artistic talents have always been “Lurking inside of her and burning to get out.” She recalls, “Some of my earliest memories are of myself are drawing, coloring and making things fit together. One of my best presents ever was a package of color cards and a pot of cow gum (glue) and a pair of scissors…..joy!” She shares that she never formally studied art and merely followed her family’s art forms being practiced from painting and photography, to fashion design and music and that it is all second nature. Lise was an accountant for 17 years in London and “The artist” did not escape until they came to the US to live. She became interested after attending a class with a friend where she learned to wire wrap and Lottie’s Trinkets was founded three months later.

Lise believes that inspiration comes from many of life’s adventures and that they come in many guises, sometimes so subtle you don’t even realize it. However, most of her ideas come from reading books, she imagines a character wearing a certain item…sometimes its TV or on the street, she sees someone wearing an item and thinks “yeah, I could use those beads I bought…”

Skills required in her work are infinite, as she runs her own business she is the designer, maker, supplies purchaser, marketer, accountant, booth agent, salesperson etc. However, one skill she has found invaluable is patience…it can be applied to all of the disciplines above.

Lise also volunteers her skills with local Special Needs Group in the Twin Cities and also teaches Girl Guides on a regular basis. Both groups are rewarding and she loves to see their faces light up after completing a project.

Lise sells her work on two main sites, her own, Lottie’s Trinkets  and Handmade Artists.  She also attends around 15-20 Art Fairs each year and the schedule can be seen on her website and you can see her shop here Lotties Trinkets on Handmade Artists’!








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