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Lost Sock Day

It happens all across the world every day, folding laundry and you end up with that one lone sock left in the basket with not mate. Where does it go? I know I have two feet and wear two socks, yet I have an entire basket of single socks. Rather than get upset, how about if we celebrate! Happy Lost Sock Day!

HAF Lost Sock Day

Lavender and Peppermint Foot Butter

lavender body butter lotion

If you can’t find that lost sock, why not go barefoot!  Feet not quite ready to be shown to the world, KSWhitDesigns has got a place to start with her Lavender and Peppermint Foot cream.  Lush body butter will soften those tootsies and get them ready to go sockless this summer.

Beautiful Sterling Silver Toe Ring

sterling silver toe ring

You dress up your fingers, ears, neck, and wrist….but what about those poor sockless toes?  Ronyibizi has got that covered!  Decorate your toes with this sterling silver toe ring and see to it that your feet are as dressed up as the rest of you.

White Wedding Pearl Flip Flops Jandals Womens Bridal Satin Bridesmaid Prom Beach Rhinestone

decorated flip flop bridal

Why where socks when you can wear flip flops?  Decorated with pearls and rhinestones from the talented hands of Priceless Princess Bridal, these adorable sandals will show off your sockless tootsies at any occasion.  Perfect for weddings or prom when you want to be dressed to the nines and still comfortable.

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