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HAF ChatOk, I am told that talking is good, the more the better. Hmmm, wonder if that person really knew what they were in for. But speaking of talking. Let’s chat. I have found that chatting does not necessarily come easy to all of us. As for myself, I do really really well on the computer, in my blog, on the forum of the Handmade Artists shops and even sometimes on my facebook page.  However, in person, yeah, not so much, at least not til I get to know someone really well.  But on the Handmade Artists Forum and in the chat that is held every Thursday evening, I find myself a bit of a chatterbug.  I love the people on this site and it shows I think in my ‘chatting’.

I would like to invite one and all to visit the chat on Thursday evenings.  Sometimes there is a serious discussion taking place about one thing or another. Sometimes there are several conversations taking place and it takes a ‘rocket scientist’ to keep up :) however, I highly recommend it because it is such fun.  Plus, if you are really lucky, you might get to talk to our site owner Andrew, who by the way CAN NOT keep a secret.  It is a lovely time and I never want to miss them, though sometimes life outside the shop gets in the way.  

All you have to do is register, no cost to you and lots of fun and loving people to become acquainted with. Trust me when I say that the chat is a great place to get to know each and everyone of the sellers and others who visit together there every week.  Once registered, you can also visit the forum and the many, many threads that are posted to show off our wares, vent our concerns, talk about what we are doing today or just saying hello to each other.  We invite you to come in, sit a spell and as one of my lovely friends would say ‘have a cuppa’

This is a good place to be and once you get here, you will absolutely want to come back every week for the chat.  So come on in, let’s get talking.

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