July 13th, GO WEST Day

It is 1804, July 13th. U.S. President Thomas Jefferson has asked Meriwether Lewis to lead an expedition across western North America-unknown territory for all but Indians. The goals: map the rivers, make friends with natives, open the West to trade, and look for a Northwest Passage (an easy water route from coast to coast). Meet part of the crew, Meriwether Lewis, Captain Assistant to Thomas Jefferson, avid student, Expedition leader
William Clark, Captain Lewis’s former commanding officer, Expedition co-leader John Ordway, Sergeant
Journal writer (in case Lewis and Clark lose theirs’) George Drouillard
Interpreter, hunter, skilled woodsman York Slave and lifelong companion of Clark Pierre Cruzatte, Private River Man, expert fiddle-player
Seaman Lewis’s pet, a 150-pound (68-kilogram) Newfoundland dog Field brothers, Privates
Joseph and Reubin, hard-working Kentucky men John Shields, Private Oldest of the party at 35, a blacksmith and gunsmith George Shannon, Private Youngest of the party, about 16

Lewis and his colleague William Clark had chosen a special team for the journey above, and now you’re invited too.

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leather braceletA length of 4 strand braid made of 1/8 inch Black kangaroo leather is doubled upon itself to make a classic western  design bracelet. The bracelet is made to wrap twice around your wrist giving it a pleasant width on the wrist while still being a plain and thin piece. By LBbyJ check it out…..











handmade rackTHE ALAMO is a wooden wall mounted hat rack designed to hold two hats plus it has pegs where you can hang your gun belt, bolo ties, baseball caps, or whatever you might want to keep handy for when you rush out to chase the bad guys. By CowboyPalace, check out his store too.










hanamade mugThese horses are hand carved and free hand painted on a wheel thrown body. The surface around the horses is raw and the horses themselves and the inside is glazed. By VirginiaRoseStudio, beautiful isn’t….

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