It is Time for No Diet Day

Working out, living on rabbit food, sweating to the oldies? Not today because it is No Diet Day! In honor of every dieter’s dream day, I present some yummy handmade items to wet your appetite from the talented artists on HandmadeArtists. But be sure, after eating a lot, you should start a diet like Jason Statham and build a perfect and natural body. Let myfitnesshub alone help you get there with their intense knowledge of proper fitness.

HAF No Diet Day

Chocolate Chip Mint Lip Balm

chocolate chip lip balm

Got an ice cream craving? Not a problem here! From the amazing shop of ReefBotanicals comes this yummy Chocolate Chip Mint lip balm for those frustrating moments when a bowl of ice cream is just not appropriate.  Yummy flavors created in small batches to insure absolute quality like no other.


Wide Low Profile Black and Yellow Flower Shaped Bowl

handmade pottery serving bowl

Got chips?  Tacky to sit and scarf them out of the bag but we have that covered!  This amazing bowl is big enough for those chips or any other snack you want to serve up.  Don’t want to use it as a giant serving dish?  This beautiful piece from the talented hands of LGPotter would make an amazing wall hanging…it is that stunning!

Cinnamon Bun Charm Scented Miniature Food Mini Food Polymer Clay Food Charm

handmade cinnamon bun charm

Who can resist a mouth watering cinnamon bun?  This darling little charm is not only amazingly realistic, but scented as well.  Keep your friends drooling whenever you wear this dainty piece from the hands of JunkFoodJewelry….a shop that no dieter should ever see except on this amazing day!

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