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It Is For The Greater Good!

Love thy Neighbor as thyselfI have been trying to come up with something new to blog about. Well, today I found something that we all need to do no mater what we create. This idea isn’t new, in fact it has been published about in many blogs and many articles in every how to book, and has been the topic for years, but today I am going to write about it one more time.
My husband was reading my trade journal and he came to me and said the suppliers are trying to get you to go to Tuscon aren’t they. Yes they are! Every ad in the magazine, and every vendor is directed towards the Tuscon yearly event in February. Every vendor wants you to go to this event and to visit their booth. Tuscon is a huge buying event for the jewelry industry, and it gets bigger each year. Why are companies all spending their money on ads directed to an event instead of just their company. Why help others make money! It is simple! They are directing traffic for the greater good. It works on the same principle that has always been true when we were young in school and through out our life.  If you hang out with the popular kids you will be popular.

Celtic County Antrim Tartan Plaid Peyote Seed Bead BraceletUs vendors that have a store front at handmadeartists.com are lucky, our friends at HAF, Andrew and Kimberly are fantastic about helping make our shops prosper. When I first joined this fantastic group I first wondered why should I participate in the Twitter Ring contest, and the other games that you submit links and advertisement for our friends and other store owners. All of the games are time consuming, and at first you wonder why should you.  If you think you don’t have time to promote yourself let alone others you really better give it another look.  The games are necessary for HAF site to get noticed and any site for that matter. And why should we help get it noticed!  If HAF gets noticed then it will trickle down.   The answer is simple! It is for the greater good!

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