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Instinctively IndieI try to browse around the site as much as I can, as much as time permits that is, and I came across Instinctively Indie. I think her work is just too cool, and her shop is just bright and wonderful with cute pieces!

Here is an except from her Bio:

There are so many things in the world that have the potential to be beautiful. I am most often inspired by things that other people would throw away. I don’t purchase items in perfect condition very often. Items have meaning when you’ve taken the time to create or refurbish them. Flea markets are my favorite places to go and find inspiration. I carry a small notebook with me and write down or sketch ideas. I often buy something and have no idea what I’m going to use it for. That item may sit around for a year or two, but it becomes the perfect solution to a design problem I have!

handmade broochI love these brooches she makes with buttons, they are just so bright and wonderful, great for a spring day.

Vintage buttons are unique and full of detail. I find it a shame that so many buttons lay at the bottom of junk drawers, forgotten. My line of button jewelry and accessories brings new life to these neglected beauties. 

The buttons range from plastic, celluloid, shell, glass, mother of pearl, bakelite and wood. They are sewn on felt covered plastic canvas and a metal pin-back. It measures 2-2.5 inches in diameter. This brooch is the perfect accent piece for any handbag or jacket.

handmade purple pendantI was also checking out these thread spool necklaces, I thought the idea was really clever and they look just too cool. Very ingenious, don’t ya think?

 Upcycled Sewing Necklace Grape Lavender

This necklace has been made from a vintage wooden thread spool. It measures 18″ long and closes with a spring clasp. The spool is accented with crystal rondelle beads.

Guess I’m in a purple mood as both pieces I picked are purple. Anyway take a second and visit Instinctively Indie’s Shop. It is time that we really start to support handmade and not mass produced. That is one of the things I think we need to remember as a community, supporting each other is one thing in words and another in action. Today I bought a couple of things from one of our vendors for the up coming holiday, and she turned around and took a portion of it and bought something from another artist that she has been looking to get something from. So one good turn is paid with another good turn. This needs to be more than our thoughts, it needs to be in our actions. Remember to support handmade not mass produced!!

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