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I Want What I Want Handmade Style

Coilled ButterflySometime you just need to say what you want and stick by it. We had a theme a while back and a whole bunch or highlights came out about what they wanted. This is a pretty cool collection of treasures! I just love this eclectic collection of Highlights, they make me just want to go off to the desert or some tropical island!

Just hover over the pictures for titles or theme of the highlight and you can click the picture to go to the actual highlight and see all the lovely picks.


make Handmade Jewelry Fly Away To go to the Beach
I want to go sailing I want to go to a Tropical Island I want to take a bath
 I want to be Forever Young  I want Mountain Serenity  I want to be a star
 I want to Remember this  I want a Christmas Tree  I want to go to the Southwest Desert



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