Happy I Love to Write Day

Happy I Love to Write Day! In classrooms around the world, the collective groan is heard loud and clear when an essay is assigned; a business executive bangs his head softly on his desk knowing the report is due in an hour and an author struggles to finish the next great novel. No matter who you are or what your position, at some point you are going to have to write…and today is the day we celebrate this with handmade!

Handmade Writing Collage

Exposed Spine Blank Journal Bound on Brocade Tapes Gold Magnolias Art Book Diary or Sketchbook

Handmade Sketch book

First, you need something to write on, and MVSilva has just the thing!  Heck, if you are going to write, why not make it in something pretty!  Each handbound journal in her shop is made with love and care and attention to detail.

Pencil Cup Spoon Pencil Holder

Forked Up pencil holder

Now, you can’t concentrate if your pens and pencils are rolling around on your desk, so you need a place to keep them!  ForkedUpArt has just the thing to make sure your writing supplies stay off the floor, and look adorable doing it!  Each creation in this shop will add a smile to any job in any room.

Write Your Own eBook

You have your supplies all neatly organized, now you have to write…but how to do that?  Well, VintageMama is standing by with your wonderful tutorial on writing an eBook.  Full of helpful tips and guidelines to get you started, you will soon be on your way to creating a book of your own.

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