Happy Creamsicle Day

One of the best things about summer is yummy ice cream and one of the best flavors ever is Creamsicle! In honor of this dreamy classic, I present to you some amazing works of handmade art from our talented crafters on HandmadeArtists!

HAF Creamsicle


Fabric Crochet Cuff Tangerine Creamsicle Bracelet Cuff Bohemian Jewelry Upcycled Jewelry Cuff Bracelet

fabric crochet cuff

From the amazing hands of AlbinaRose comes this dreamy cuff in soft colors, just perfect for summer and fall fashions!  This is one of those pieces that you can look at over and over and always find something new and exciting within the folds.  Not into softer looks?  Not a problem!  This shop is loaded with some of the most unique and fun cuffs I’ve seen.

Caramel Wafer Dutch Spiral Necklace with Polymer Clay

handmade beaded necklace

Not in the mood for orange?  How about this lush, creamy caramel from the amazing talent of HaffinaCreations?  Each piece if completely handmade and absolutely unique.  This stunning would be amazing for a day at the office or a night on the town!

Creamsicle Bath Salt

creamsicle bath salt

At the end of the day, there is nothing better than washing away the world; well, maybe washing away the world in a creamsicle bath!  These bath salts were carefully crafted to be absolutely natural and lush by the talented ReefBotanicals.  Each item in this shop is the best quality to ensure your skin is absolutely cared for.


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