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Handmadeolorgy MarketOur friend over at Handmadeology has done it again, just one more thing to help bring handmade into the spotlight! Handmadeolgy has now now added a marketplace to their repertoire of selling tools for handmade. This is not a sales establishment, is just another way for a customer to find your work. You can promote your items from Handmade Artists and link back to your shop for the actual transaction. No sales go through the Handmadeology Site. It’s Better Handmade also has the same type of set up, where you can post your items and link back to your shop. It is important to take advantage of outreach efforts like this as you never know where that buyer is coming from. So take a second and stop by Handmadeology and set up your free or paid account to promote your work and handmade as a whole.

Images of Handmadeology MarketThe Promote Handmade movement has been something that Handmade Artists’ has been trying to get in full swing. There are so many handmade sites and blogs out there it has been our goal to get some unity and cross support between venues. The ultimate goal is to support the artist. Our mentality is that we can get further helping each other, than going it alone. So we are very pleased to supporting Tim in this and working together for the good of Handmade. We are also working with Anne from On Fire for Handmade as well on cross promotion and getting artists into the spotlight. This Handmade Coalition of sites has been a long time goal of Handmade Artists and we are grateful to be a part of it, we definitely will be able to do more together than alone any day!


Quote From Tim…

“Handmadeology has been helping creative business owners run their business for over 2 years. Millions of visitors have read articles, downloaded business tools, and interacted via social  media.  Through the Handmadeology Market creative business owners are now going to be able to directly benefit from the daily visitors on Handmadeology.

We know that exposure is the number one thing that drives an online creative business .. with out traffic you will not have sales.  We also know that most everyone is on a tight budget and there is not much money left to pay for advertising.  It is FREE to add your items to the Handmadeology Market.  We do have an option to have your item featured for more exposure for only $5.  Learn more about getting your items featured HERE.

Handmadeology Market

The Handmadeology Market is not another selling venue, it is a live market place to show off your items.  Items added to the market are only live for 90 days, so the content it kept fresh! Sellers from across the web can list their items and link back to the items in their shops and websites. There are no transactions happening here in the market.  Potential buyers can click through to your items and even contact you through the contact form.”



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