Handmade Vacation

The theme of this Highlight challenge was I need a vacation. Debbie from Yankee Burrow Creations hosted the contest. Ever feel like you just need to get away? Well I do and I’m sure many of us do on a regular basis. This Highlight challenge was a way for all of us to dream a bit on where we would love to go and just get away for a bit. Here at Handmade Artists’ we are like a small family of like minded individuals that just love to create and love to fantasize!

Handmade Beach Vacation Handmade Southwest Vacation
Deserted Island Handmade Vacation Handmade Fishing Trip

Lovelyl handmade necklace by Yankee BurrowDee from Southern Country Creations won the challenge and received a big discount from Debbie’s shop. Not sure what she got, but I’m sure it was something beautiful like this!

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