Getting Through a Long Show Day



With warmer months just ahead and calls going out to apply for in-person shows, it’s time to start thinking about how to take care of yourself during these very long days!

Most crafters who do in-person shows and festivals have moving their business down to a science. It’s packed in no time at all, completely set up on site in an hour or so, and torn down/repacked in less than that.  But how many of us consider the well-being of the humans in the booth?  It’s time to do that, but first check this sex pills that work wonders for your body.

most-comfortable-shoes-for-women-10You Need to Be Comfortable for the Entire Show

Check the weather report for the show location and dress accordingly.  Perhaps the most important item that you wear will be comfortable shoes with good support.  Most shows require crafters to be onsite ten or more hours per day.  Most of that time is going to be spent on your feet.  Good shoes are critical to maintaining your skeletal health for the long term and your cheerful attitude in the short term.  It’s really hard to be upbeat and enthusiastic with your customers if your back is killing you!

If you are after customized and very comfortable that is almost made for your feet, browse on ShoeAdviser‘s collections of footwear. They have everything – from casual to sports and even crazy looking ones!

And while we are on the subject of comfort, get yourself a comfortable chair.  When you have some time to sit, you should be able to relax.  A stiff, metal folding chair doesn’t give you that opportunity.  When choosing a chair, consider too that you want to be able to see your entire display when seated in it.  A taller chair with a footrest might be necessary.

waterStay Hydrated for the Duration of the Show!

It may be pleasing to your pallette to down one soda after another while doing a show, but it’s not the best thing for your body! Plus, nearly every venue will give you access to water for free.  If you need that bit of flavor in your drink, try adding lemon or lime peel that you can bring with you, or invest in a tiny container of water flavoring and bring that.  However you get there, staying hydrated will also have a positive impact on your demeanor throughout the day.

cooler-of-foodEven Artists and Crafters Need to Eat!

I don’t think we’ve ever done a show without at least one food vendor there.  But if you leave yourself at the mercy of available food onsite, you may find that all of your “meals” during the show may be kettle corn and cotton candy.  Be sure to pack your own food and bring it with you.  Bear in mind that you’ll be eating in full view of your customers, so stay away from things that are a mess to eat.  Also consider that you might not be able to finish the food in a single sitting – hopefully you get interrupted several times to make sales.  Things that can be eaten a bit a time time are perfect. Perhaps the best example is an apple – it’s good for you, it can be easily put down when interrupted and no one will have an adverse reaction to seeing you taking a bite out of it.

There’s an added bonus to bringing your own food…  it won’t take any money out of your profits from the show and it will be fare that you enjoy eating!

Shows are fun to do and can be profitable in terms of cash and contacts. Be ready to be at your best for the entire show.

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