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Hand Painted TreeWe learn from our mistakes. We have all heard this before, but Tamara really took this to heart!

Tamera is a loving mother of two teenage boys that sees life through an artist’s eyes. She is married to her High School sweetheart…..awe! And is often surrounded by a large and loving family. She credits her strong Christian beliefs with keeping this family together through anything.  They love their life in Oregon; well all except camping, which Tamara admits is not her favorite family activity but goes along anyways.

Tamara was always a creative soul, always messing around with one craft or another, but painting held a special spot in her heart.  She studied for years to make it work but had failure after failure.  It wasn’t until she found a book on how to “fix” your watercolor mistakes that she really fell in love with the medium.  See what I mean about taking that advice to heart?  Tamara eventually created a tree painting for a friend and that set the ball rolling.  This one picture led to another and another and eventually to commissioned work.  Throughout this process, her darling husband has been her biggest supporter!  Tamara eventually got up enough confidence to approach local coffee shops and galleries and Art by Tam was born.

Handmade buttonsThis creative lady has a love hate relationship with the unpredictability of watercolor and has created her own way to deal with it.  She uses pen and ink in order to “control” the medium.  This amazing idea gives a different look to her work, almost an illustration style.  This unique style is very popular during the holiday bazars that Tamara shows at.  In order to cover all price points, she even offers small versions of her work in the form of small pins and magnets.  She eventually plans on making prints to sell, but for now, you have an opportunity to buy her original art.

Tamara is honest about the work that goes into being a self-representing artist and warns others that you should only pursue this life if it is your passion and you are sure that this is what you were put on earth to do.  If the passion is not there, then maybe art is more of a hobby for you than a career.  If art is your passion you should not let anyone or anything stop you…even the impossible is possible with an attitude of action.

Hand painted squiggly treeAre you ready to see what this talented wife and mother can do with pen and ink and watercolor?  Well, if you are not lucky enough to see her work in person you can find her on Handmade Artists as well as on Etsy.  You can browse her full line of work on her online portfolio as well as follow her days on Facebook and her blog.

Tamara is an inspiration to so many in that she knew what she wanted and didn’t let a few failures stop her dreams short.  Instead, she persevered and found a way to make it work and later make that work her own.

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