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handmade dragonSome live their lives with absolute passion…living to fullest in everything that they do. This is the case of Pat..whose life is a whirlwind of activity; all creative and full of color.

Pat is a professional trainer of Miniature Horses and Shetland Ponies which she shows on both local and national levels. She has published 7 books and is currently looking for a publisher for her next line of books.  In addition, she raises Nigerian Dwarf Goats and breeds dogs.  Her sister lives with her, who lives with Downs Syndrome, on their acreage in Oklahoma.  With all this activity, Pat still finds time to create.

Pat says that as far back as she can remember she had been creative whether in training her horses or creating small works of art.  This has included working in polymer clay, fabrics, beads, oil and acrylic paints, wire, and gourds.  Her shop is loaded with her creative endeavors!  Her main love currently is polymer clay which she uses to create darling figures and amazing jewelry.

handmade craftsBecause of her busy life, person to person selling is not in the cards.  Online selling works not only with her schedule, but for the rest of us that don’t live in Oklahoma!  She takes time every day to work a bit on her shops and the results are a wonderful array of treasures.  Pat admits that competing with others is tough but she loves the challenge of it all.

When asked what advice she would give others that are thinking of selling their own handmade work, she answered “Chase your dreams until you catch them.”  She encourages others to take the chance but first to study other shops, promote everywhere and ask advice from others.  While selling online does take time and hard work, people will find you.  Your job is to believe in yourself and keep improving.

handmade kittyAre you ready to see what this whirlwind artisan can create?  Well, she is easy to find on HandmadeArtists, as well as on Etsy Here, Here and Here!  I told you she was busy!

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