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Ever since I was a young girl I’ve always loved to draw and create things. While attending Maryland Institute, College of Art I discovered my love for metals. I graduated in 1983 and for the last 26 years (could it really be that long?) my journey has been varied. I’ve spent about 15 of these past years working as a bench jeweler in fine jewelry stores. A wonderful learning experience but one can only solder so many chains and size so many rings before you feel your creative side gasping for air. Now I’m back to making art and loving every minute of it!

I also took about a ten year break away from art to work with my family in a little coffee shop in New Jersey. Not very artistic, but wouldn’t trade the fun we had for anything….it really is all part of the journey.

During the 90’s I took several blacksmithing courses and fell in love with forging and moving metal…it’s had a great influence on my jewelry and other metalworking.

I work in New Jersey in a little studio by the Black River where I live with my husband John, also an artisan, and our beloved black lab Sammy.

Check out my work at PamStudio on Etsy.

Silver Handforged Earrings with Pink Tourmaline Sterling Silver & 14k Ring with Peridot Handfabricated 14k Pendant with Cocoxinite Amethyst & Citrine Sterling Handforged Anklet with Chalcedony & Turquoise Silver Handforged Pendant with Amethyst & Chalcedony

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