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Handmade BraceletRarely does our life follow the path we thought they would, but these detours often land us in a place of amazing adventure! Such is the case of Pam Andrews, one time administrator and real estate agent turned homeschooling grandmother and artist!

Pam raised two children while living in the rat race of real estate, admitting that between work and family there was barely time to breath.  Since taking an early retirement, Pam’s life has taken a very different direction.  Her beloved grandson, Jaeden is both profoundly gifted and deals with ADHD.  Unable to work within the traditional school system, Pam took the leap of faith and began homeschooling him full time…which she says had turned out to be the most important position she has ever held.  When she is not creating or schooling, she relaxes by reading to herself or to Jaeden or watching cop shows or cooking.  She enjoys doing for her family and friends and is always on hand to lend an ear or a home cooked meal.

Wire Wrapped RingPam was raised by a seamstress mother and farming grandparents who taught her the value of working with your hands.  Her grandmother used to tat doilies and darn socks, which absolutely fascinated Pam.  While she never got the hang on tatting, her grandmother encouraged her to start crochet and she was off and running.  Over the years she tried many different arts from painting to building things for the house to decorating frames but it wasn’t  until she found wire, beads, fishing line, and yarn that her true passion was revealed.  She later found seed beads and her fate was sealed.  Pam loves the way that she can create super light jewelry with amazing texture and colors!  She is always pushing herself to learn new techniques and expanding her work.

What began as a leisure activity soon took on a new dimension when the real estate market took a hit and she needed to supplement her income.  What better way to do this than by doing something she already loved and A Bead Thing was born.  Because Pam is a somewhat reclusive person, promoting herself and selling her work was a learning experience.  While she has had some success doing craft shows, she admits that she is more comfortable working online where she can not only promote her work but work of other talented artists she has found through craft groups and forums.

Beaded EarringsPam loves the idea that someone sees the passion that is put into each piece enough to purchase it but admits that it is work to be found.  She encourages other artists to follow their own dreams stating that “It is worth it and if they believe strongly in what they do, it will be a fun trip!” but it will also take time.  Pam is one that encourages people to take a closer look at handmade and believes that artists should be supported for their efforts.  You can see the love and support through her forum presence and in her own work.

Are you ready to see what a feisty grandmother can do when she isn’t taking care of her family?  A Bead Thing is easy to find on HandmadeArtists as well as on Rebelmouse.  You can follow her on Twitter and on Facebook and see all the wonderful artists she runs across or check out her blog!



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