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lemon quarts pendant handmadeLori did not start out to learn everything possible about stones, gems and jewelry making, more like it hit her when she stumbled upon a unique piece of jewelry with an aqua colored gem attached to a twist of wire. Rather than walk away, she found herself obsessed with finding out what this sparkly treasure was and where she could get more! This opened up a brand new world that has taken her life in a way that could have never planned.

handmade braceletLori is happily married and living in Texas with her husband and two daughters (with a jewelry artist for a mother, those are some lucky girls!) where they relocated to in order to get closer to family.  She is currently working at Bath & Body Works which also doesn’t sound like a bad deal being surrounded by luscious lotions all day!

While researching her gemstone, Lori was taken by all the other gems out there and began buying random pretty stones and wire from the craft store.  She self taught herself how to best show off her new treasures, and with her sister’s encouragement began creating new and better designs.  Now, after much practice, Lori is excited to be able to work with AAA rated gems, bringing her work to a new level of lush.  She is proud of every piece she creates while still being excited to begin the next one.

handmade braceletLori could in no way wear all of her sparkly creations, so soon after Clover Blue was born.  She specializes in sterling silver and gold filled wire though still sometimes plays with copper and gunmetal when a design calls for it.  Her passion is artisan beads and adds them to her designs as often as possible as well as semiprecious stones and natural gemstones.  She loves the challenge of mixing unique color combinations that you don’t find on every mass produced piece which will always set her work apart.

handmade jewelryWith her sister’s support, the pair began a website in 2009 but after the birth of her sister’s child the website became Lori’s baby to care for.  She has taken the time to learn the ropes of photography to best show off her treasures and the art of writing descriptions.  The team has sold at a few local craft shows but Lori has since concentrated her efforts on selling online….and those of us that don’t live in Texas are very grateful for that!  Lori admits that some have tried to push her to do home parties but she doesn’t want others to feel obligated to purchase a piece (not that anyone knows the feeling of being obligated to buy something from a home show!) so has not pursued that avenue as of yet.

Lori loves it when one of her treasures finds a home with a happy buyer and encourages other artists to put themselves out there!  She admits that selling online has its tough side in that a customer can not pick up a piece and try it on before buying but understands that a great reputation will give buyers confidence.  If you are new to handmade selling, Lori advises that you start slow and do your research.  Do you know what others are selling and how can you set yourself apart?  Set realistic expectations for your business and keep positive.  Most important?  The support of your family and friends is invaluable both in terms of moral and advertising!  Don’t be afraid to ask your family to promote you…they love you and want you to succeed.

handmade pendantAre you ready to see what this talented mother of two can put together?  Well, Clover Blue is easy to find on Handmade Artists as well as her own stand alone website.  You can keep up with her newest creations by following her on Facebook and be the first to see what amazing pieces her mind can conceive but when you get sucked in by her designs don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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