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handmade goats milk soapHave you ever made something out of necessity and found a passion you did not even know was there? Such is the case of an extremely talented artist!

Carla is a lively mother and wife who has always been creative, from drawing and creating as a child to a full out artisan soaper! Her adventure actually came out of necessity. As the mother of three boys they went through a LOT of soap (as the mother of two, I can fully appreciate this!) and rather than purchase by the pound, Carla decided to take on the job herself.  After some trial and error, she soon found that there is a lot more creativity to soap than she ever thought possible and from there, Delta Moon Soapworks was born.

Red Clover Handmade SoapNot seeming to be a lady interested in the status quo, Carla experimented with a variety of different aroma combinations, different oils as well as played with names for each.  This project ignited a passion that is alive and well.  After hitting on a combination she likes, Carla then individually designs each label which are just too cute for words.  The fact that there is no end to the possibilities is what keeps this creative soaper learning and growing.

In the beginning, Carla was unsure as to how to get her new product out to customers.  There was some craft fairs, but they are short she was looking to build a business.  She soon stumbled upon Farmer’s Markets where she could set up at the same time every week and always be available for return customers.  In addition to finding customers, Carla found that the instant feedback she received was invaluable to creating new products and growing her line.  As a newbie in a very large world of handmade and took the initiative to learn about things such as marketing and signage as well, I’m sure, as dealing with customers and listening to what they are looking for.  Carla loves and looks forward to the markets, well, except when you get s sideways rain….after all…soap in the rain?  Can you just picture the bubbles floating down the street?  Either that or hand out samples and take an outdoor shower!

handmade ginger soapCarla has learned a lot in the last 13 years of soaping, and is always willing to help the newcomers along on their journey.  She encourages them to follow their passion and not talk themselves out of succeeding.  After all, “you will never know how much they love ya until you put yourself out there!”

Carla has so much personality is comes out in her Blog posts as well as her product.  She believes in enjoying life since you only go around once.  She lives hers by the words of Joseph Campbell, “Follow your bliss.”

Are you ready to see what this talented mother did with a necessary job that turned into her passion?  You can find Delta Moon Soapworks on HandmadeArtists as well as on Etsy.  You can follow her passion through her Blog and Facebook and even send her well wishes on Twitter!


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