Fashion Industry Supports Handmade Artists

Fashion Industry NetworkThe Fashion Industry Network is a business community that allows for members of the clothing industry to educate one another on various relevant topics. This site allows users to engage in open communication. This system allows questions to be asked and answers to be provided by friends and colleagues.  The fashion network, which is also on occasion referenced as “FIN”, allows users to research topics, make business contacts, and conduct formal business with one another. There are many new fashionable hats in market, For more info visit
In regard to handmade crafts, the Fashion Industry Network provides many exciting resources.  For example, if you are in the process of making your own clothing, you may have questions regarding the proper stitching to utilize or how to make patterns for your design ideas.  You can visit the forum section to ask your question to people that have experience dealing with clothing. You can also visit
Although the network is primarily for members of the apparel industry that work with mass production, they do field questions that would be helpful to handmade artists.

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