Falling for Fall – colour inspiration

Fall ColorsHi there, my name is Jolene and I am a new contributor to the fabulous HAF Blog. Over the coming months would like to share with you some of my own images and colour inspiration. Often the design process for me begins by simply selecting a themed colour palette, gathering craft components together and then just playing around with various combinations and possibilities.
Red Fall Colors
Today there is a sudden fresh crisp chill in the air over here in the UK that tells me that has Summer has packed her suitcase and headed off to overwinter herself in warmer climes.


My world is slowly turning from lush greens towards the warm and muted colours that mark the real turn of the seasons. My first image is of fallen Sycamore leaves. I have used a free app on line called Chip it! to pick out a sample selection of colour inspiration from the image and have chosen my favourite five shades to share with you. The Sycamore palette makes me think of lemon pie, home baked choux pastry buns and hot chocolate, very comforting and homey. My second Fall inspired colourway is taken from this image of fallen leaves from a black cherry tree, the fruits of this tree are not edible though, despite the name. This palette is very romantic and delicate. Putting deep chocolate tones together with sweet very pale pinks in not something I would have chosen instinctively, just goes to show that Mother Nature knows best.

Why not use Chip it! on some of your favourite pictures and images for personal colour inspiration when you feel your Mojo could do with a pep talk and if you blog about your experiments please do let us know what you have been up to with a link in the comments section below……….

Happy Fall everyone

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