Don’t Step on a Bee Day

Today is the day that we take care of your safety by reminding you not to step on a bee! Why? Well, number one, it hurts! Secondly, bees are amazing insects that allow us to have amazing flowers and honey as well as some incredible handmade art!

HAF Don't step on a bee day

Organic Wildflower Honey Bee Beautiful Sugar Scrub 11 ounces

Bee honey scrub

Without bees there would be no honey, and without honey there would be no sugar and honey scrub and what a tragedy that would be.  Thankfully, that is not the case and Essensu has taken advantage and created this amazing scrub that will surely give you a new appreciation for the hard work of the bees.

Bee Steampunk Vintage Advertisement Bumble Bee 8 X 10 Collage Book Page Vintage Print Dictionary Book Art Print Upcycled Book Page

Framed bee steampunk

How about admiring bees for the works of art that they are?  Never thought of it that way?  Thanks to the talent of WinterberryCottage now you can admire the beauty of the bee with this interesting print.  Layered over vintage dictionary pages, this work of art is perfect for most any room.

Busy Bees Mens Cufflinks

Bee Cufflink

How about showing off your love of bees by wearing them?  These darling cuflinks are just unique enough to show off your personality and beautiful enough for the most formal of occasions.  Created by Baronyka, this set would make the perfect gift for anyone with a love of bees…or just originality!

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