Don’t Forget Handmade Anniversary Gifts!

Love you signThere was an article not too long ago that gave a complete list of birthstones. It offered the advice of listing these words as tags or keywords to aid people in searching for birthday gifts. But there are particular categories for wedding anniversaries, too! I’ve had a list taped to the wall of my workspace for perhaps twenty-five years, and I thought this would be a great opportunity to share! I would love to give the source credit, but there’s nowhere on it that lists it.  So here goes…



  • 1st – Paper (Clocks)
  • 2nd – Cotton (China)
  • 3rd – Leather (Crystal, Glass)
  • 4th – Linen, Silk (Electrical Appliances)
  • 5th – Wood (Silverware)
  • 6th – Iron (Wood)
  • 7th – Wool, Copper (Desk Sets – Pen, Pencil Sets)
  • 8th – Bronze (Linens, Laces)
  • 9th – Pottery, China (Leather)
  • 10th – Tin, Aluminum (Diamond Jewelry)
  • 11th – Steel (Fashion Jewelry, Accessories
  • 12th – Silk (Pearls, Colored Gems)
  • 13th – Lace (Textiles, Furs)
  • 14th – Ivory (Gold Jewelry)
  • 15th – Crystal (Watches)
  • 20th – China (Platinum)
  • 25th – Silver (Sterling Silver)
  • 30th – Pearl (Diamond)
  • 35th – Coral (Jade)
  • 40th – Ruby (Ruby)
  • 45th – Sapphire (Sapphire)
  • 50th – Gold (Gold)
  • 55th – Emerald (Emerald)
  • 60th – Diamond (Diamond)

I don’t know if there are “too many keywords” that can be used to help shoppers find you online!  So if your work includes something in any of the above categories, don’t forget to mention it.  And, there is, perhaps, a neglected market in the wedding anniversary category…  men!  Maybe we all need to spend a bit more time and effort putting things out there that are more masculine!

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