Do Not Discount Your Work!

Scratch Art LeopardIf you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know I’m on a mission to get my friends and followers to buy handmade and stay away from the big box stores. If YOU shopped on Black Friday or Cyber Monday for anything other than electronics (which you obviously can’t get handmade), you should be ashamed of yourself. If you expect customers to buy your hand made products then you sure better support other artists and buy hand made. OK, now that I’m finished lecturing, let’s talk about what YOU can do to get your share of the holiday cash.

Blue Quartz PendantSome artists and craftspeople have asked me if they should discount their products in order to compete with the online and in-store specials retailers are offering this time of year. My answer is absolutely NOT.  You can’t compete with them because you are not about price. The value in your work is the “YOU-niqueness”.  You don’t have to give discounts and specials to get attention to your work and sell more over the holidays. (The exception would be if you have a customer who purchases several pieces and then, rather than discount, I recommend you “gift” them with a less expensive piece of your work.) Rather than devalue your work by cutting the price,  consider donating a piece to an appropriate contest or giveaway. That advise may seem odd to you but believe me, you will make a lot more money from donating one piece than you would from selling twenty pieces at a discount.

Hand Painted Glass Bar SceneBUT, and this is a BIG “but”, only join in a giveaway if everything in the contest is handmade. There are tons of contest websites out there with giveaways and with most, the object is for the person who’s blog it is to get lots of traffic so that they can sell advertising. You sure don’t want your work to be featured (and given away) on a site that has random advertising. Your  handmade piece could end up on the same page as an ad for K-mart and you sure don’t want that. The person who will purchase handmade and become a loyal, repeat customer is NOT the same person who is reading a site with random ads.

So how do you go about finding a contest or giveaway that will benefit you and bring you lots of sales?One where your generosity pays off many times over in sales?  The ideal giveaway scenario would be a blog that is all about handcrafted gifts. The problem with that, though, is that your work will only be seen by other craftspeople. While you may make some sales to fellow artists, ideally you want to get your work seen by people who appreciate hand made and couldn’t possibly conceive of making something like that themselves. High earning, upscale readers who have the money to buy handmade for the holidays and beyond.

If you’ve had experience with contests and giveaways, please share in the comments below.

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Written by Terri Belford


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