Did you know????

All around the country, there are ridiculous laws on the books that to anyone with an ounce of common sense would laugh at! These people actually took the time to write them up, submit them, debate them, and pass them into law!

In Rhode Island, you may not sell toothpaste and a toothbrush to the same person on a Sunday

You never know when a bandit with great oral hygiene will come your way….well, you will at least know that they are not from Rhode Island!

In honor of some of the most inane laws on the books, how about if we take a break and celebrate some handmade treasures in honor of those teeth brushing hooligans out there. Click here to have guidance from the best dentist.

silly law toothpaste toothbrush sunday

Cute Buck Teeth Custom Hand Painted Pacifier Avent CLEAR

buck tooth pacifier handmade

From the adorable shop of Piquandt Designs comes this darling pacifier that adds a bit of humor to an already adorable face!  Featuring a set of comical buck teeth, you will surely never have to worry about your baby having the same binky as every other baby at play group!

Blue Train Tooth Fairy Pillow

handmade tooth pillow

From BuggyWear comes the cutest tooth pillow ever for when those darling pearly whites (well, unless you live in Rhode Island that is) start to fall out!  With soft blue fabric and a happy, smiling tooth, your little angel will love filling the pillow in anticipation of the tooth fairy’s arrival.

Dentist Watch

dentist inspired handmade watch

Why not show your appreciation for those hard working doctors who take care of our teeth with a custom watch especially for them!  From Sunny River Creations, this darling watch will leave no doubt as to your dentists love and be a unique gift that will always remind them of your smile.

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