Cubicle Day

How many creative types are designated to a cubicle during the week? Just because you have bills to pay doesn’t mean that you can’t brighten up your little space and make your work day a bit brighter! Check out these amazing treasures from the talented artists on HandmadeArtists to make your cubicle reflect your creative personality.

HAF Cubicle Day

Pencil Cup Fork Pencil Holder

fork pencil holder handmade

Pencils and pens are necessary in the home and office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t display them with style!  From ForkedUpArt comes this solution to run away pencils on your desk and does it with style.  Each piece in this imaginative shop will bring a smile to your face.


Fabric Covered Pushpins

fabric push pins

Post it notes and little scraps of paper…it is a wonder we ever find anything!  Solution, a cork board, but how boring.  From the shop of EverAndBliss comes these fabric covered push pins to keep you organized and still look good doing it.

Purple Heart and Makore Wood Rollerball Pen

handmade purple heart pen

Whether it is a shopping list, journal entry, or work memo; a wonderful pen makes all the difference in how you feel.  Rather than a mass produced Bic, how about a stunning Purple Heart, hand turned pen from the amazing shop of AkitaWoodWorks.  Each piece in this shop is a unique masterpiece to make you feel like you own the world!

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