On Handmade Artists’ we are blessed with some wonderful talent that contribute to the success of our little venue. Below are a list of some of  our artists who contribute monthly articles to the Handmade Artists’ Blog and give some different viewpoints on handmade and the handmade world!

Makin’ the Best of It and Chainmaille By MBOI

Andrew and Kimberly are the husband and wife team behind and have an obsessive passion about creating and buying anything handmade.  Kimberly’s love of handmade was carefully and enthusiastically fostered by her Grandmother who believed fully in making due and making it yourself…….


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Reef Botanicals

A lawyer since 1995, Larissa has always also satisfied her creative side.  In 2003 she started a face painting business, which is still a successful and active endeavor today.  In addition, she has participated in theater and film since 2002.  Photography remains a hobby as well.She has been an artist and crafter pretty much from birth, starting art classes at age 5, making latch hook rugs as a kid, building and outfitting dollhouses as a teen, baking and taking cake decorating classes……..


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My European Touch

Born and raised in Germany, I have been an artist all my life and worked with a lot of different mediums; been a mosaic artist for 9 years now. I specialize in doing mosaics using a style referred to as “Pique Assiette or Tesserae” This process involves transforming vintage china/porcelain plates into artistic designs that are always one of a kind and my own…


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My name is Sandi Levy; they tell me I am a fiber artist. I have a very difficult time owning that term. Although I understand that what I do takes a modicum of creative ability, I have trouble with the “artist” part of the phrase. Perhaps ‘fiber obsessive’ would work better………


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Rasmussen Gems

I am John Rasmussen. I was born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, but we moved soon after that. My family lived in several different states because my father was transferred from assignment to assignment. As I grew up, I developed a love for geology and natural science. I have taught geology, then became a paramedic and started teaching emergency medical care  ……….


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Cr8tive Lefty

Growing up on the Peninsula of Northern California gave me the opportunity to enjoy a range of outdoor activities, sports, and a wide variety of beautiful landscapes by plane, automobile and cruise ship. All of these experiences served to inspired my creative nature. As an adult, I have had the good fortune of traveling, and I have also lived in different areas ……….

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