Come and join the ring…the blog ring

What is a blog ring you ask? Well, it is just a whole lot of fun, and a great way to get your shop and items out there for all the world to see. Here at Handmade Artists, we have a great group of bloggers that love to share handmade items on our blogs, thru our blog posts, and then we tweet and google+ and facebook share each other’s posts and blogs.  This is great for everyone…sharing links, creating top seo resellers and keyword phrases.  Plus we share tips on improving ourselves and our own blogs.  This is how it all works….

Handmade Ring

Click on the picture to see more of mothersrings work!

1) Follow this thread in the forum.  Here you will find the sign up for each new ring.  A ring lasts as long as the number of members sign up.  So if only 6 sign up, the ring will last for 6 weeks, with the maximum now being 8 weeks.  If more than 8 sign up, we will be broken up into smaller groups.  After I set up the schedule, and new thread will be started each week, and it is there you will find the featured artist of the week, and there you will share the link to your blog post feature.  Each week I also try to share a blogging tip.

2) Visit the other blogs, share the posts, and comment.

And that’s it!  Easy peasy.  All you need is a love for handmade and a blog!  The new ring will be starting in a few weeks, so to get all excited, check out the blogs of these regular blog ring members.

Pam at aBeadThing, April at BrooklynBeadGoddess, Sarah at FindingCharm, John at RasmussenGems, Larissa at ReefBotanicals,  Alix at TheAlchemistVessel, Debbie at ThunderRoseLeather, Karen at WyndwalkerCreations, me (Debbi) at YankeeBurrowCreations, and our very own Kimberly at It’sBetterHandmade.

So come on and join us in the blog ring for fun and promotion.


Written by Yankee Burrow Creations


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