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Braidlets by Crochet Hooked

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Braidlets by Crochet Hooked is this weeks On Fire Handmade Artists Shop Shout Out. You will find one of a kind (OOAK) pieces for every occasion. Braidlets made with Swarovski crystals and pearls. Wire wrapped crystal rings, crystal link bracelets, and more!

Braidlets by Crochet Hooked

Crochet Hooked

My name is Cari and I design a Beaded Wire Crochet Braided Bracelet, I have branded Braidlets®. I taught myself to crochet about 11 years ago. And over the years, I have made baby items, hats, lapel pins, scarfs, and jewelry.
In 2005, while working as a Custom Picture Framer for a local arts and crafts store, I started teaching a beginning crochet class. I enjoyed sharing my enthusiasm about the art of crochet, with my students.

Crystals made by Swarovski beautify this wire crochet bracelet with a never-ending sparkle. Independently, I crochet each crystal to colored artistic wire, forming three independent strands, which are braided together producing a unique bracelet known as ‘Braidlets.’Woodland Wire Crochet Crystal Bracelet

  • Braidlets = Braided Bracelets
  • Size: 8in
  • Crystals: 4mm in Sand Opal, Crystal Bronze, and Olivine by Swarovski
  • Wire: Artistic colored wire

Written by Anne from On Fire for Handmade



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