Bethie’s Cards Highlight Challenge Winner

Highlight Challenge Winner

Bethie’s Cards is our On Fire for Handmade Highlight Challenge Winner from last weeks Some Like it Hot Challenge! Beth has a wonderful card shop here on Handmade Artists! Darling creations for all occasions!


Bethie’s Cards was started in Feb. of 2012. In the beginning, I concentrated on butterflies, so almost all my cards had some sort of butterfly theme or design.
I branched out into making cards for children and that’s when my shop began to really take off. I make many different animal shaped cards as well as birthday cards for kids. I also make cards for grownups as well, such as birthdays, weddings, Christmas and other special occasions.
Making greeting cards is my passion. I really love what I do and have fun in the process!

Meet Beth:

As a young child, I always loved the holidays and couldn’t wait to make place cards for our dining table. Even though it was just for my family, it still brought me great joy.

The years went by, life happened and the crafty me got lost in the abyss. After my Navy years, there was a time when my children were growing up, I did get into crafts for a short while, but mostly sewing and cloth products . More…

Bethies Cards Handmade Artists Shop


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