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Apricot florals – colour inspriration

color inspirationMy first colour inspiration image is of a pair of rain kissed Chrysanthemums which caught my eye when taking my daughter to school one morning. It is such a pretty image and has inspired a colour palette that is both vibrant and earthy. Without the inclusion of deep rich green in this selection I think the feel of this pallete would be too arid. With the green included it delights me to imagine a rusty early Autumn sunset over a field of drying hay bails after harvest.

apricot flower color inspirationMy second apricot flower that I would like to share today is this image of a rain kissed rose. I adore this picture, it is so soft and pretty.  Like the image above, the selection is another that I consider to be predominantly hot colours but this collection is so much more feminine and chic.

I have used a free online app called Let’s Chip It to sample from my Chrysanthemum image but you could take inspiration from your own digital art just as well with any photo editing package that has an eye dropper or colour sampling function. If you do have a go at using your images to create a palette or inspiration for your handmade creations we’d love to hear about it.

Jolene x

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